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Ziba Hardee and son Joel Hardee

Ziba and Peggy Hardee’s oldest son
 Joel Hardee

Today I will tell you about Ziba and Peggy Hardees son, Joel Hardee. Joel Hardee was born June 8, 1814 in Georgia. He came to Alabama at an early age when he migrated with his parents and siblings.
Joel first married Isabella Coker on June 1, 1835 in Monroe Co., Alabama. They are found on the 1840 U.S. Census living in Lindsey, Coosa Co., Alabama with four children. Two males and two females all under age 5. (Seems they were quite busy!) I do not know if one of these were a twin, but it seems one boy died, because in the 1850 census only three children, one boy and two girls are listed as being born 1840 or before.

In 1850 Joel is now living in Monroe Co. Alabama and his wife Isabella is to believed to died as it is just Joel and six of his children.

On June 12, 1857 he married Elizabeth Devon and had three more children with her.
In 1860 they are still living in Monroe Co., AL and have seven children living at home.
It is said Joel served in the civil war but I have not researched his involvement.

In 1870 Joel is still living in Monroe Co., AL but his second wife is assumed to have died as only Mary his daughter from his first marriage and Margaret a daughter from his second marriage are in the household. I do not know what happened to his two younger children from the second marriage.

In 1880 his daughter Cynthia Sirmon and her daughter Isabela are living with Joel.
In each census Joel listed his occupation as farmer, but he did have other jobs as listed in his obituary.

Following is Joel Hardee's Obituary: Paper unknown
Mr. Joel Hardee died at his home near Simpkinsville on Dec. 22nd at 13 o'clock. He had been in his usual health for some time, went into dinner, and after he had offered thanks, his daughter, Mrs. Sirmon, who lived with him, noticed that something was wrong, and upon inquiring, he said he had a pain in his back, the the same time began falling from his chair. She went to his assistance until help could be gotten to him, which was but a few minutes. After being place on his bed he lived but a few moments. Deceased was born in Georgia in 1814, came to this county at an early age, grew to man's estate, and live out his long and useful life here. He was once tax collector of Monroe County and for over fifty years he has held the office of justice of the peace in the beat in which he lived. Mr. Hardee was a man of great firmness, was a member of the Bethlehem Methodist Church, in which communion he lived for years and in which he died. He took a deep interest in all public questions, kept fully posted on current matters and questions of national character with an interest and intelligence that would have done credit to any man. He was physically a wonder, notwithstanding his extreme age, 84; he could read and write or even shoot his gun as well as a youth, without the aid of glasses. He was very large, weighing over 300 pounds, still he attended to his farm and general business that would have done credit to men much younger. About his home he was hospitable, kind and courteous; in his dealings, he was firm but pleasant and kind. He leaves a large family of children, grand-children and a wide circle of friends to mourn his loss. Peace to his ashes. W.J.M

( It is said that Joel Hardee was a big man, possibly 6'6" or 6'8" and weighed over 300 pounds. It has been stated by some who knew him that he was the biggest man they ever saw outside a circus. He is buried at Bethlehem Methodist Church cemetery in Alabama.)

Tombstone for Joel Hardee

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