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Ziba Hardee's Birth Date

Ziba Hardee's Birth Date

I have listed the facts I know about Ziba Hardee. What I don't know for sure is his date of birth. In the 1850 Census he lists that he was born in North Carolina and he was 56 years old. So that would make his birth year about 1794.

But, according to a cousin, Khaki, her father told her when Ziba died the family went through his things and found documentation that showed he was much older. Ziba had shaved years off of his age because his second wife, Tabitha, was so much younger. Khaki states Ziba was born in 1782.
So I have a birth range of 1782 - 1794.

The first record I have of him is the marriage record to Peggy Mitchell. It lists the name as John Hardee and not Ziba, so I can't really be certain this is the same person. This is in Baldwin County, Georgia and I have searched records from there and found none that name a Ziba Hardee.

I do not know his parents names or any siblings. I do not know anything about his life before 1830 when I find him in the 1830 Census in Monroe Co., Alabama.

But, I do have some clues as to who his parents may be and I am working on those clues.
Until then I will write about Ziba"s children...

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