Saturday, July 7, 2012

Surname Tree

I was reading Geneabloggers today and Thomas had new blogs listed. One of them was Crafty Family Tree. I am always looking for ways to display my genealogy so family is interested.

I spent the day working on two projects Lexie had listed.

The first was a Surname Tree. Directions are here.

Here is my Surname Tree

The second project I worked on today was a Power Point Family Tree for a Digital Frame. My parents have a digital frame and I thought this would be perfect for them.

Once I got going I couldn't stop. I made PP Family Tree's for my Hardee's, Hefley's and Stegmans. I also made one of all 11 children of my mother's parents.

Here is one I made for Ziba Hardee:

I used Lexie's Slide Show Sample and moved the tree to the other side and added color. I am very happy with the results and can't wait for others to see the whole slide show.

Not how I intended to spend my day but very happy I found the Crafty Family Tree site and very happy with all my results.

I may have to start on the Signature bag soon.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Dessie Pearl Hardee - Birth Year?

After finding conflicting data on my grandmother's birth year I decided to write up a research paper to help sort everything out. Below is my attempt to get everything on paper.

What is Dessie Hardee’s year of birth?

I do not believe there is a birth record for Dessie Pearl Galttana.

Dessie is first found in the 1910 U.S. Federal Population Census (1) as D.P. Golttana, age 7. We know from all her children that her birthday was July 31. The 1910 Census was taken on April 1910 so she had not had her birthday for that year yet. Which would make Dessie born in 1902.

In the 1920 U.S. Federal Population Census (2) she is listed as Dessie P. Goltana age 16. The 1920 Census was taken on 3 & 5 Jan., so Dessie had not had her birthday for that year yet. Which would make her born in 1903.

Dessie married Joe Hardee on 17 Dec 1923. (3)  No age is listed on the marriage record. 

The Birth Certificate for J. A. Hardee (4) shows he was born 16 May 1926 and Dessie was 22. Dessie had not had her birth date for that year so that would make her born in 1903.

However, in the 1930 U.S. Federal Population Census (5) it is stated that Dessie married at age 20. Since she married in December of 1923 that would make her born in 1903. Joe is listed as being married at age 21. Joe was born 6 Jan 1902 so the 1903 birth year would be correct if they are one year apart.

In the 1930 U.S. Federal Population Census(5) she is listed as Dessie P. Hardee age 26.  The 1930 Census was taken on 26 April. She had not had her birthday yet so this would make her born in 1903.

The Birth certificate for Linda Jane Hardee (6) shows she was born on 14 August 1944 and Dessie was 41. That would make Dessie born in 1903.

Her Death Certificate (7) states she died in 1981 and was age 78, and she was born 7/31/1902.

The Social Security Death Index (8) shows her birth as July 31, 1903.

Two records (1910 Census and her death certificate) show her birth year as 1902. However, all other records point to 1903.  When I visited my Aunt Bonnie (Dessie's daughter) in Texas and showed her my Hardee data, she stated I had listed Dessie’s birth date of 1902 incorrectly. I believe the 1903 date is correct.

To Do
I need to contact the living children of Dessie to see what date they have. 
Check Oklahoma records to see if there may be a birth record for Dessie.

(1)     1910 U.S. census, Tarrant, Texas, population schedule, Decatur, enumeration district (ED) 165, sheet 2b, dwelling 39, family 39, J. C. Golttana and household; digital images, Ancestry ( : accessed 6 Jul 2012); citing National Archives and Records Administration microfilm T624. 

(2)     1920 U.S. census, Texas, population schedule, Precinct 5, enumeration district (ED) 165, p. 2a, dwelling 24, family 25, John C. Galtana and household; digital images, Ancestry ( : accessed 6 Jul 2012); citing National Archives and Records Administration microfilm T625, roll T625. 

(3)     Tarrant, Texas, marriage certificate no. 56397 (1923), Joe Hardee-Miss Dessie Gilttana. 

(4)     Tarrant County, Texas, birth certificate no. 15078 (1926), J. A. Hardee. 

(5)     1930 U.S. census, Wise Co., Texas, population schedule, Newark, enumeration district (ED) 249-14, sheet 9b, dwelling 205, family 170, Joseph A. Hardee and household; digital images (accessed 6 Jul 2012); citing National Archives and Records Administration microfilm T626, roll 2406. 

(6)     Tarrant, Texas, birth certificate no. 3545 (1944), Linda Jane Hardee.

(7)     Texas Texas Department of Health Bureau of Vital Statistics, death certificate 13696 (1981), Dessie Pearl Hardee; Texas Department of Health Bureau of Vital Statistics. 

(8)     Social Security Administration, "Social Security Death Index," database(accessed 6 Jul 2012), entry for Dessie Pearl Hardee, 1980. 

Monday, May 14, 2012

Lee Earl Hefley in WWII

Lee Earl Hefley, Paratrooper WWII

Lee Earl Hefley enlisted in WWII on 13 June 1944 at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas at the age of 27. He was married with one son 21 months old and his wife Irene was three months pregnant. Lee enlisted because he "wanted to help save his country." Lee was colorblind but passed anyway. He joined the paratroopers because they made $50 more a month. Lee came home on a surprise leave in December of 1944 and his new daughter was born that night.

Lee went to basic training and was assigned to Co. A, 156 Battalion, 92d, Training Regiment, Infantry Replacement Training Center at Camp Hood, Texas.
On January 24, 1945 Lee was in paratrooper training at Fort Benning, Georgia in the 2d Prcht Tng Regt.

"As the story goes," Lee's paratrooper group was putting on an exhibition for the president’s wife. The pilot let them off on the wrong side of the mountain. Lee's parachute caught in a tree and the jar made him go blind. He was in the hospital in Georgia where a young Doctor operated on his eyes and he got his sight back. His wife Irene never knew anything about this until he came home. For years he had to wear dark green glasses.

(I haven't been able to verify any information on this, I wrote for Lee's military record and it was destroyed in the fire.)

After that Lee transferred to training for Remote Control Turret Mechanic at Lowry Field, Denver, Colorado. His training was from 16 May 45 - 12 Sept 45. A description of the duties of a Remote Control Turret Mechanic can be found at The Military Yearbook.
The family says Lee worked for the rescue crew in the Everglades of Florida. They would go into the swamps and pick up planes and people after a crash. On one run into the swamp, Lee got to the plane and it was a relative. It may have been one of Henry Simpsons sons. Henry was a brother to Lee's Mother Grace Irene Simpson Hefley.

I have a letter written to Lee from his sister dated 15 December 1945 and addressed to Cpl Lee E Hefley 37745943, Sqd C box 198, Tyndell Field, Panama City, Florida. So he must have served time there.

Lee Hefley separated from the military on 4 June 1946 from Sep Cen CP Shelby Mississippi. He was in the 308th AAFBU. (Army Air Forces Base Unit)
He received ATO med: good cond med; World War II Vic med. He served 1 year 11 months and 22 days with no foreign service. His highest grade was Corporal.

I searched for infomation on the medals that Lee received and did not find much. I did find pictures on this genealogy site at the bottom of the page. It also shows the lapel pin Lee was issued. I don't know what happened to these medals as I have not seen them. I hope someone in the family still has them.

I am very proud of my grandfather Lee Hefley and his service to his county. His son (my father) joined the military and made a career out of it. Proud to be a military BRAT.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Searching the 1940 Census

9 a.m. Monday morning and I was sitting at my computer in anticipation of the 1940 census being released digitally for the first time. Excitement turned to frustration after trying for hours to access the 1940 census to no avail. Six hours later had Kansas on line so I started with that state. I had already researched my ED's and knew the ED was the same for 1940 as it was in 1930.
I found my grandfather, Lee Hefley, single, age 21 and working 40 hours as a truck driver at Jacking Company. He was living with his parents John and Grace Hefley, and his older brother and sister. His grandfather, my great-great grandfather Arthur Hefley was also living in the household at age 82.
I knew Arthur originally owned the farm and his son John raised his family on the farm. What I didn't know was that the 1940 census showed John was renting it for $711. So Arthur continued to own it and just rented it.
I also found my great grandparents Adam and Ora Stegman in the 1940 Kansas census. My grandmother, Irene Stegman (who married Lee Hefley in August of 1940) was living at home and working as a clerk at a retail drug store. She had told me stories of working at the drug store and making ice cream. Each day she would decide what flavor to make, sometimes she would add pepperment or strawberries or whatever was at hand. What I didn't know is that she stated she worked 70 hours per week and made $327.
While I was successful locating my paternal grandparents, I wasn't successful locating my maternal grandparents, Joseph and Dessie Hardee in Texas. I checked the house they rented per the 1939 city directory, but someone else was renting the house. I checked the house they rented in 1942 but again someone else was renting it. I will have to wait for the index to come out.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Surname Saturday - Hardee

John Ziba Hardee is my earliest known Hardee. I have found Ziba in the 1830 Census in Monroe County, Alabama; in the 1840 census in Jordan, Coosa County, Alabama; and the 1850 Census in Hatchet Creek District, Coosa County, Alabama. I have searched the 1860 census and did not find Ziba or his family. I searched page by page of the Van Zandt County Census and no Hardee's were found. I searched most of the Coosa Co., Alabama Census and did not find Ziba Hardee.

Ziba's Timeline
From what I have read but not found sources for is that John Ziba Hardee was born in North Carolina and moved to Georgia with his father who may have been John Hardee. Here Ziba met and married his first wife Peggy Mitchel in 1813. Around 1821 they moved to Monroe Co., Alabama. Sometime between 1823-1825 Peggy died and Ziba married Tabitha Brooks about 1825 in Alabama. About 1837 they moved to Coosa Co., Alabama. Sometime after 1850 they moved to Van Zandt County, Texas where Ziba died in 1862 and is buried. Some of Ziba's sons served in the Civil War in Texas units and some served in Alabama units.

My Hardee Line 
Ziba Hardee born 1782 or 1794 in North Carolina
Tabitha Brooks born about 1810 in Baldwin Co.,GeorgiaMarried about 1825 in Alabama (Ziba's second marriage)

Willliam Thomas Hardee born 10 March 1836 in Hatchet Creek, Coosa Co., Alabama
Juda Frances Lee born about 1838 in Alabama
Married 19 November 1854 in Alabama

Samuel Burel Hardee born 26 January 1860 in Alabama
Georgianna Clarissa Ransom born 17 January 1870 in Texas
Married about 1887

Joseph Abraham Hardee born 6 January 1902 in Decatur, Wise Co., Texas
Dessie Pearl Galttana born 31 July 1902 in Chickasha, Grady Co., Oklahoma
Married 17 December 1923 in Fort Worth, Tarrant Co., Texas