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William Thomas and Juda Frances Lee Hardee son

Pinkney Edward Hardee

Pinkney Edward Hardee was born in Alabama on December 22, 1869 but traveled as an infant with his parents and eight siblings overland 600 miles from Coosa County, Alabama to Van Zandt County, Texas. There the family is enumerated on the census on September 16, 1870.

By 1880 his mother has passed away and the family is living in Johnson County, Texas. Pinkney is nine years old and also living in the household are his two cousins, Joseph and Archie Favors.

On November 13, 1893 he married Camelia Alice “Allie” Carter in Ellis County, Texas.

In 1900 Pinkney and Allie live in Alvarado, Texas with their three children and his older single sister Lucinda “Cindy” who probably helped raise him after their mother died. Pinkney works for the railroad as a section hand and can read and write.

Pinkney and Allie’s three children, all born in Alvarado, Texas are:

Maude Elaine Hardee born November 11, 1894, died June 29, 1986 in MO. Married Herrick L. Gaby.

Claude G. Hardee born December 21, 1896, died April 5, 1953 in Dallas, Texas. Married “Dutch” Ethel Jones.

Pearl Olene Hardee born May 6, 1899, died May 21, 1975 CA. Married Ralph Drummond.

Allie died July 26, 1902 and Pinkney married Martha Jane Ray Flatt sometime around 1903 as they are listed together on the 1910 census still in Johnson Co., Texas. They have three children and Pinkney’s three children from his first marriage are living with them along with a 20-year-old hired hand named Tom Carter. Pinkney is now listed as a farmer who rents his farm.

Pinkney and Martha’s three children are:

Marvin Ray Hardee born June 23, 1905, may have married Thelma Nash. Married Rose Kean. 

Jewel Edna Hardee born February 17, 1906, married a Barbour.

Pinkney Thomas Hardee born June 8, 1909, married (1) Doris Ireland (2) Nellie Lee Prather.

In 1920 Pinkney, Martha and their three children now live in Ellis County, Texas.  He is a farmer and owns his farm with a mortgage.

Martha dies July 23, 1929 and I am unable to locate Pinkney in the 1930 census. But, on October 26, 1933 Pink Hardee is sentenced to two years in prison for V.D.L. (Violation of drug law) He went to jail on May 24, 1934. In the notes it stated he received a “Cond Pardon 9-8-34.”

Pinkney Edward Hardee died April 24, 1935 in Cleburne, Johnson Co., Texas of stomach cancer. He was 65 years old. My guess is if he had stomach cancer, he was self-medicating for pain and that is the reason he violated the drug law.

He is buried in the Venus Cemetery in Venus, Johnson Co., Texas. Written on his stone is: “Faithful to his trust.” The person who posted the photo of the stone on FindAGrave states: “This stone is hidden in between some evergreen trees that have grown up around it.”

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William Thomas and Juda Frances Lee Hardee daughter
Malinda Caroline Hardee

Malinda Caroline Hardee shows up under many different names in the census, Malinda, Lorinda, Lena, Lynn, and Caroline. She was born August 25, 1868 in Coosa County, Alabama. Her death certificate says she was born in Birmingham, Alabama but I do not believe this was correct as all the census and tax records show they lived in Coosa County, Alabama. She was the eighth child of William and Juda Hardee.

Between 1869 and 1870 the family moved from Coosa County, Alabama to Van Zandt County, Texas. By 1880 the family had settled in Johnson County, Texas.

On April 28, 1888 Malinda married William P. Parker in Johnson Co., Texas. They had two girls, Artie Mae “Marnie” Parker born February 14, 1889 in Cleburne, Texas and Julia Clause Parker born November 25, 1890 in Cleburne, Texas.

I do not know what happened to William Parker, but Malinda married James Thomas Adams on November 4, 1894. James work for the railroad and in 1900 the family of four are living in Cleburne, Texas.

They live out their lives in Cleburne, Texas and James dies April 10, 1927 of the flu. In 1930 she owns her home worth $1500 and her nine-year-old niece lives with her as does her older single brother, Zibe Hardee.

In 1940 she is living with her granddaughter’s family Mabel and John Wyatt. Malinda died December 15, 1953 of breast cancer at the age of 85. She is buried at Cleburne Memorial Cemetery, Texas.

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William Thomas and Juda Frances Lee’s daughter

Sabitha Annie Hardee

In 1865 William Thomas Hardee was serving in the Civil war. He was captured near Petersburg on March 25 and became a prisoner of war on March 27, 1865. When Sabitha was born on April 12, 1865 her father was a prisoner of war at Point Lookout, Maryland. William was released on June 13, 1865.

Her mother Juda Frances was alone at the family homestead in Coosa County, Alabama with six other children ranging in ages of 3-9 years old. I can only hope she had family around to help her, because I couldn’t image running a farm and raising seven children by myself.

Between 1869 and 1870 the family of 11 moved from Coosa County, Alabama to Van Zandt County, Texas. Sabitha would have been about five years old when they took the 600-mile journey overland.

In 1870 the family is living next door to Williams widowed mother, Tabitha. I have often wondered if this was the reason they moved to Texas.

On August 27, 1884 Sabitha marries James Rufus Mayfield in Parker County, Texas. They live in Wise County, Texas according to the 1900 census and she has had five children but only two are living. There children are Annie born Dec 1889 and Josie born March 1892.

They move to Delaware Township, Caddo County, Oklahoma and are listed on the 1910 census as renting a farm. Their son James Booth born November 1900 is the only child in the household. Her widowed younger brother, John Perry Hardee lives with them.

In 1920 they are still farming in Caddo County, Oklahoma and their son and his wife, Ila live with them.

Their daughter Josie Mayfield Anderson dies June 11, 1920 at the age of 28. In the 1930 census their 21-year-old granddaughter, Anna E. Anderson lives with them.  I would guess they took her in to raise her as her father died in 1925. Also, in the household is Sabitha’s older widowed sister Sarah Jane “Sally” Pully. They are all now living in Chickasha, Grady County, Oklahoma.

James Mayfield dies in 1937 and in 1940 Sabitha listed as Anna is living with her daughter and son-in-law Annie and Casper Meetings in Ninnekah, Grady County, Oklahoma.  Also living in the household is Sabitha’s brother-in-law Fred Taylor. Fred had been married to her sister Lucinda “Cindy” Hardee Taylor.

Sabitha died March 31, 1950 and is buried in the Rose Hill Cemetery in Chickasha, Grady County, Oklahoma.

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William Thomas and Juda Frances Lee’s son
William R. Hardee

Not much is known about William R. Hardee. He was born about 1863 in Alabama. He moved with the family about 1869/1870 to Van Zandt County, Texas and is listed in the 1880 census living with his father and siblings in Johnson Co., Texas. He is 15 and is not attending school and cannot read or write.

There is no 1890 census and no other records have been located.

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William Thomas and Juda Frances Lee Hardee’s daughter
Lucinda J. “Cindy” Hardee

Lucinda J. Hardee was the fifth child of William and Juda Hardee. Her name in records is listed as Lucinda or Cindy/Cinda/Sindy. She was born April of 1861 or 1862 in Alabama. I believe about 1869 or 1870 her family traveled to Van Zandt County, Texas when she was about 7 or 8 years old.

The family is found in 1870 living in Van Zandt Co., Texas and in 1880 the family is living in Johnson Co., Texas. Lucinda is listed in both as single and she is 27 years old in 1880.

In 1900, both her parents have died and she is living as a single female with her younger brother Pink Hardee and his wife and children in Alvarado, Johnson Co., Texas. She is listed as Sindy and it lists her birth date as April 1861 making her 39 years old. This conflicts with the 1870 census which shows her as eight years old and since the census was taken after April, I would guess 1862 is the correct year. However, her younger brother was born January 19, 1860 so it is feasible she could have been born in April of 1861.

On June 12, 1904 Lucinda married S. Fred Taylor in Johnson Co., Texas. In 1910 Lucinda and Fred are living in Parker County, Texas and Fred is a farmer. This is Fred’s second marriage and they have a seven-year-old girl living with them who is from his first marriage named Hatty Taylor.

By 1920 they have moved to Rush Springs, Grady Co., Oklahoma and all three are listed together. Fred is still farming and has a mortgage on the land he owns.

In 1920 just Fred and Lucinda are listed on the census in Rush Springs, Oklahoma and they have a 29 year old servant living with them.

I have no death information for Lucinda. Her husband Fred is listed in the 1940 census as a widow so I would assume she died between 1930-1940. In 1940 Fred is living with his wife’s niece and her husband, Casper and Annie Mayfield Meetings. Also living in the household is the mother of Annie, and Lucinda’s widowed sister, Anna Mayfield. They live in Ninnekah, Grady Co., Oklahoma.

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 William Thomas and Juda Frances Lee Hardee’s son

Samuel Burel Hardee

Next in the series of William and Juda Hardee’s children is my Great Grandfather Samuel Burel Hardee. He was born Jan. 26, 1860 in Alabama. He was most likely born in Coosa County, Alabama as he was listed as ½ years old in the 1860 census. Sam would have been two years old when his father, William Hardee went away to join the Civil war and five when he returned.

Around 1869 they moved to Van Zandt County, Texas and lived near William Hardee’s widowed mother Tabitha Hardee.

In 1880 Sam would have been 20 years old but I cannot locate him in the census. His widowed father and siblings were now living in Johnson Co., Texas.

When Sam was 26 years old, he married 16-year-old Georgiana Clarissa Ransom on August 22, 1886 in Parker County, Texas. They are listed as S.B Hardee and Miss Clersy Ransom on the marriage record and Mr. S. B. Hardee and Miss G.A.C. Ransom on the marriage certificate. Sam is listed from Johnson Co. and Georgia is listed from Parker County and they married at her home.

Their first child William Russell Hardee was born April 3, 1888 in Wise County, Texas. Followed by Samuel Burel Hardee Jr. on January 22, 1890 in Decatur, Wise Co., Texas. Then daughters, Ada Frances Hardee born March 5, 1892 and Ida Lou Hardee born March 30, 1894, both born in Decatur, Wise Co., Texas.

I have a deed dated Nov. 21, 1895 showing “Sam Hardy and wife   Hardy” purchased land “…on the West Fork of the Trinity River about 10 miles S. W. from Decatur being 198 ¾ acres more or less…” for $1,000. They paid $300 cash and then $200 at 8 per cent interest per annum due every 6 months till paid.

On October 19, 1896 they had their fifth child “Buster” Edward Thomas Hardee born in Wise Co., Texas.

Sam purchased 40 more acres on July 25, 1899 for $250 cash in his name only. This time his name is spelled S. B. Hardee.

Another daughter is born August 11, 1899 in Wise Co., Texas, Lillie Vester Hardee and in the 1900 census the family is living in Wise Co., Texas. Sam owns his farm and has a mortgage and is listed as a farmer. He cannot read or write and has been married for 14 years. Wife is listed as Clarissa and has had six children and all six are alive. The children are William, Samuel, Ada, Ida, Edward T. and Lillie V.

My Grandfather, Joseph Abraham Hardee is born January 6, 1902 in Decatur, Wise Co., Texas. On November 27, 1903 a deed is recorded showing S. B. Hardee and G.A.C. Hardee wife of S.B. Hardee sold 40 acres for $200 in Wise County, Texas.

Daughter Mary Caroline Hardee is born August 12, 1906 in Decatur, Wise Co., Texas, followed by sister Edna Mae Hardee born April 30, 1910 in Wise Co., Texas.

The 1910 census shows the family still living in Decatur, Wise Co., Texas. This census shows Sam can read and write and that he is a farmer working on his own account and rents the farm. He has been married 23 years and his wife listed as Georgia A. has eight children born and living. (At age 40 she is pregnant with her last child, Edna who will be born in less than three weeks.) Also living in the household is 16-year-old daughter Ida Hardee and her 27-year-old husband, John Barber. They have been married one year.

In 1920 the family is listed as living in Rhome, Wise Co., Texas and the household consists of Sam and Georgia A., Joe, Mary, Edna Mae and Sam’s mother in law Marguaretta Ransom. The next family listed is his oldest son William R. Hardee and his wife and four children. This census shows Sam is a laborer on a farm he rents and cannot read and write.

Sam Hardee died June 28, 1929. His obituary was listed in the Decatur News on July 5, 1929 front page:

S.B. Hardee

S.B. Hardee died at his home in Newark, Saturday, June 29, 1929. Funeral services were held in Newark Sunday afternoon at the First Baptist Church with Rev. Brammer officiating. Internment in Dido cemetery. Mr. Hardee was a brother-in-law of John Ransome (sic) of near Decatur.

The informant on his death certificate was one of his sons and he listed Sam’s father as J.W. Hardee and his mother as Georgia Ransom. Both are incorrect as Georgia was Sam’s wife and his father was William T. Hardee. His birth date is also listed incorrectly as Jan. 26, 1859, should be 1860. Sam was 69 years old when he died but his age is incorrectly listed as 60. The cause of death only listed that there was “No medical attendant.”

I only know the basics about Samuel Hardee from what I have been able to find in written sources. I really haven't heard any stories about Sam. The stories are what make the person come alive. If anyone know any stories about how life was growing up for Sam or his brothers, I would love to hear them.

Children of Samuel and Georgia Hardee

1. William Russell Hardee born April 3, 1888 in Wise Co., Texas
2. Samuel Burel Hardee Jr. born Jan. 22, 1890 in Decatur, Wise Co., Texas
3. Ada Frances Hardee born March 5, 1892 in Decatur, Wise Co., Texas
4. Ida Lou Hardee born March 30, 1894 in Decatur, Wise Co., Texas
5. Buster Edward Thomas Hardee born Oct. 19, 1896 in Wise Co., Texas
6. Lillie Vester Hardee born Aug. 11, 1899 in Wise Co., Texas
7. Joseph Abraham Hardee born Jan. 6, 1902 in Decatur, Wise Co., Texas [My Grandfather]
8. Mary Caroline Hardee born Aug 12, 1906 in Decatur, Wise Co., Texas
9. Edna Mae Hardee born April 30, 1910 in Wise Co., Texas

All the children stayed in Texas except the last two daughters, Mary and Edna who moved with their families to California. We are just now connecting again with our California Hardee relatives.

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 William Thomas and Juda Frances Lee Hardee son
Zibe Brooks Hardee

Zibe Brooks Hardee was the third child of William and Juda Hardee. Zibe was born Sept. 4, 1859 in Alabama. He never married and is always listed in the census as single.

He is first listed with his family in the 1860 Alabama census as a one year old. His brother Pinkney Hardee was born Dec. 22, 1869 in Alabama so the family must have traveled to Van Zandt County, Texas sometime between then and Sept. 16, 1870 when the family is listed in the census and he is listed as 11 years old.

In 1880 he is living in Johnson Co., Texas as a single 21-year-old farm laborer with Abraham Arnold and his family. I don’t know of any connection with the Arnold family. But, Zibe’s father and siblings are living one family away, so they are nearby.

By 1900 both his parents have died. He is still living in Johnson County, Texas and is listed as a boarder in the household of the Killough family. He is listed as Zide Hardie age 38 and working as farm laborer.

In 1910 Zibe is living with his younger brother Robert Hardee and his family. They live at 401 Elmo St. in Cleburne, Johnson Co., Texas. His name is listed as Side and he is 46 years old. His brother works as a machinist at the railroad shop. Zibe works as a hostler helper at the railroad roundhouse. Looking at a map they lived near the railroad yard and almost everyone listed on this census page works for the railroad.

I did not know what a hostler was so I looked it up. A hostler is the person who receives the locomotive as they come in and cares for them in the roundhouse. They have them clean and ready for departure when needed.

Robert, Clifford T. and Zibe B. are all listed in the 1915 Cleburne City Directory living at 401 Elmo. Clifford T. is Robert’s son. Clifford is listed as a laborer, Robert as a truckman at G C & S F railroad and Zibe is a helper at G C & S F railroad.

He still lives with his brother in 1920. Zibe is listed as 62 years old and a hostler at the roundhouse.

He lives with his younger widowed sister Caroline in 1930. They live on 613 Royal St. in Cleburne, Texas, still near the railroad yard. Even though it’s been 10 years since the 1920 census he has only aged five years as he is listed as 67 years old but still works as a hostler helper in the shops.

Zibe Brooks Hardee died April 15, 1932 of influenzas and pneumonia. He was still living with his sister Caroline when he died. The informant on the death certificate was C.W. Hardee which I assume is Creed Westly Hardee, Zibe’s nephew from his brother Robert. C.W. Hardee gave his birthdate as Sept. 4, 1874. The year is incorrect as Zibe is listed in the 1860 census as one years old.  He is buried in the Cleburne Memorial Cemetery in Cleburne, Johnson Co., Texas.

Five months later his brother Robert dies of pneumonia. 

Even though Zibe never married or had children he will not be forgotten.