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Georgia Anna Clarissa Ransom Hardee My Great Grandmother #6

Georgia Anna Clarissa Ransom Hardee
52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks

Georgia Anna Clarissa Ransom Hardee

Georgia was born January 17, 1870 in Texas to Russell and Margaret Ransom. She had two older half siblings, Henry Alac (Alex) Ransom and Nancy Ellen Ransom and four younger siblings John Abraham, Alfred M., Thomas Warne and Mary Tennesse Ransom.

I first find Georgia  in the 1880 census in Wise County, Texas living with her parents and siblings.

1.) Ransom, Russell, White, Male, age 48, Farmer, born in Mo, Father born in Mo., Mother born in Mo
2.) Ransom, Margaret, White, Female, age 30, wife, born in Miss, Father born in ?S.C., Mother born in Miss
3.) Ransom, Ella, White, Female, age 14, daughter, born in Texas, Father born in Mo., Mother born in Tx. 

4.) Ransom, Gergana C, White, Female, age 10, daughter, born in Texas, Father born in Mo., Mother born in Miss
5.) Ransom, John A, White, Male, age 7, son, born in Texas, Father born in Mo., Mother born in Miss
6.) Ransom, Alfred M, White, Male, age 5, son, born in Texas, Father born in Mo., Mother born in Miss
7.) Ransom, Thomas W, White, Male, age 3, son born in Texas, Father born in Mo., Mother born in Miss
8.) Ransom, Mary T, White, Female, age 1, daughter, born in Texas, Father born in Mo., Mother born in Miss

Since Georgia was born in January of 1870 she should have been listed in the 1870 census since the census date was June 1, 1870. Her parents were listed in the 1870 census in Coryell County Texas and it is dated October 1870. Her  two half siblings are also listed. I don't have any explanation of why Georgia is not listed. 

I next find her listed as Clersy Ransom in her marriage record. She married Samuel Burel Hardee and he is listed in the index as S.B. Harder. They married on August 22, 1886 in Parker County, Texas. He was 26 and she was 16.

Sam and Georgia had eight children and all lived to adulthood. (See Samuel's Bio)
In 1929 Georgia became a widow. I find her in 1930 living with her daughter Edna who is married to Pleze Reynolds in Newark, Wise County, Texas.

Georgia holding my Mother.

I have not been able to find Georgia in the 1940 census, but in 1943 I find her listed as Georgia A. Hardee, widow, in the Fort Worth City Directory living with her son and daughter-in-law Joseph and Dessie Hardee. (My Grandparents.) Also living in this same house in 1943 is her daughter-in-law Dessie's Father John Galttana, also a widow.
John and Georgia Galttana 1943
 On February 15, 1944 Georgia married John Galttana in Tarrant County, Texas. Five days later John Galttana died February 20, 1944. His death certificate states he died from an intestinal obstruction. My Uncle J says he remembered that he died choking on a prune.

 Georgia spent time living with some of her children. When she lived with Joe and Dessie, my Mother remembered that she was always in bed. She would hand crank her bed up or down for her "Granma." My Aunt remembers coming home from school and going to her room to listen to radio shows with her. My Aunt described her as having long gray hair and that she was only about 5'2". (Maybe that's where I get my height. :)

Georgia died December 8, 1956 in Fort Worth at home. She was 86 years old and her death certificate lists her cause of death as Septicemia due to Extensive Bed Sores due to Immobilization from Osteo Arthritis.

Two obituaries are listed below:
Ft. Worth Star Telegram, sometime after Dec 8, 1956

Mrs. Georgia Galttana
Mrs. Georgia Galttana, 86, of Rt. 9, Fort Worth, died early Sunday at her residence after a nine year illness.
She had lived in Tarrant County about 25 years and was a Baptist.
Survivors include two sons, Samuel Hardee of Greenwood and Joseph A Hardee of Fort Worth; five daughters, Mrs. Ida Heathcock of Fort Worth, Mrs. Ada Bally of Matador, Mrs. Lilly Briggs of Dallas, Mrs. Mary Knorff of San Francisco and Mrs. Edna Reynolds of Kalamazoo, Mich., one sister, Mrs. Mary Hendricks of Odessa, and a brother, John Ranson of Decatur.
Funeral services will be held at 2 p.m. Monday in Gause-Ware Memorial Chapel with burial in Dido Cemetery.

Ft. Worth Star Telegram, sometime after Dec. 8, 1956. On same page as above obituary, two columns over.

Galttana, Mrs. Georgia, Rt. 9, Box 114, Ft. Worth passed away 12 midnight Saturday at her residence. Survivors: two sons, Samuel Hardee, Greenwood, Texas, and Joseph A Hardee Fort Worth; five daughters, Mrs. Ida Heathcock, Fort Worth, Mrs. Ada Bally, Matador, Texas, Mrs. Lilly Briggs, Dallas, Mrs. Mary Knorff, San Francisco, California, Mrs. Edna Reynolds of Kalamazoo, Michigan, one sister, Mrs. Mary Hendricks, Odessa, Texas a brother, John Ranson of Decatur Texas. Services 3pm Monday, Gause-Ware Memorial Chapel, Pallbearers, Jimmy Hardee, Bruce Hardee, Clyde Hardee, Glenn Hardee, Johnnie Hardee, Merle Hyatt, Internment, Dido Cemetery, Arrangements Gause-Ware. Two parking areas.

When I first started researching Georgia I could not locate any death record for her. It wasn't until one of my Aunts mentioned that she had married John Galttana that I was able to find her death certificate and obituaries because they were listed under the name of Georgia Galttana.

I find Georgia's name listed many different ways in different sources. So, I am not really sure of the correct way to record her name.

In the1880 census she is listed as Gergana C. Ransom.
In the 1886 marriage index she is listed as Clersy Ransom.
In the original marriage certificate she is listed as Miss. G.A.C. Ransom.
In the 1900 census she is listed as Clarissa Hardee.
In the 1910 census she is listed as Georgia A. Hardee.
In the 1920 census she is listed as Georgia A. Hardee.
In the 1930 census she is listed as Georgiana Hardie.
In the 1943 Fort Worth City Directory she is listed as Georgia A. Hardee
In the 1944 marriage certificate she is listed as Mrs. G.A.C. Hardee.
In the 1945 Fort Worth City Directory she is listed as Anna C. Galttana.
In her 1956 death certificate she is listed a Georgie Annie Galtana.
Her tombstone is inscribed as Georgia Anna Hardee.
I tend to think her name was Georgia Anna Clarissa Ransom/Hardee/Galttana. Especially, because her two marriage certificates show the initials G. A. C.
I wonder if through the years if she used different names. When I asked my aunts and uncles they just remember her as "Granma."

Georgia on left standing next to her son Joseph Hardee and Dessie and 9 of their kids.

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Samuel Burel Hardee My Great Grandfather #5

Samuel Burel Hardee
52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks

Samuel was born January 26, 1860 in Alabama to William Thomas Hardee and Juda Frances Lee Hardee.

Sam had 15 siblings. Mary Elizabeth, Sarah Jane, Zibe Brooks, Lucinda "Cindy", William, Sabitha Ann, Malinda "Lynn" Caroline, Pinkney Edward, Robert Lee, Ida, John Perry, Arbilla, and his half siblings Emma, Bryant and  Earl.

I believe the family moved from Coosa County, Alabama to Van Zandt County, Texas in early 1870. Sam would have been around 9 years old. Today I20 runs from Coosa County to Van Zandt County and it is about 600 miles. This may have been the path they took through Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas. They would have had to cross the Mississippi  River and I would guess they crossed by ferry in Vicksburg. If they traveled by covered wagon it could have taken them up to 75 days to travel or longer. In 1870 they were a family of 11. The children were between the ages of 15 and one year old. I can't even imagine the hardship they went through traveling with young children, through unfamiliar territory to a new destination. But, they made it to the new land and in 1870 the family is listed as living in Van Zandt County, Texas.

In 1880 Sam's family is living in Johnson County, Texas but I have been unable to locate Sam in any 1880 census.

In 1886 he married Georgia Anna Clarissa Ransom on August 22 in Parker County, Texas. Sam was 26 and Georgia was 16.

I don't know where they lived after their marriage but I find a S. B. Hardee in the 1888 Tax rolls in Ellis County, Texas. In April of 1888 their first child William Russell Hardee is born in Wise Co., Texas.

In 1895 Sam and Georgia have four children and purchase land in Wise County, Texas for $1,000. It was 198 3/4 acres and was on the West Fork Trinity River 10 miles SW from Decatur. Looking at a map today, my guess would be it was between Paradise and Boyd.

In July of 1899 Sam Hardee sold 40 acres of land for $150. In September of 1899 Sam purchased unknown acreage for $250. Georgia is not listed on either of these.

In the 1900 census the family of eight is listed as living in Wise County, Texas. Sam cannot read or write and owns a farm with a mortgage. His occupation is a farmer.

In November 1903 Sam and Georgia sold 40 acres of land located about five miles South West from Decatur on Big Sandy Creek.

In 1910 Sam and Georgia are living in Decatur, Wise County, Texas. Sam is listed as 50 years old and married for 23 years. He is a farmer working on his own account and in this census it says he can read and write. It also says he rents his dwelling.
Seven of their eight children are living with them. One daughter married at 15 and was living with her husband and another daughter was also married but living with them with her new husband.

In 1920 Sam and Georgia are living in Rhome Town, Wise County, Texas. Sam is listed as 63 years old (he was 60) and a laborer on a farm that he rented. He again is listed as not being able to read or write. Being a farmer, education was not a top priority and I would lean more toward Sam not being able to read or write. Three of their children are still living with them and Sam's widowed Mother-in-law, Marguaretta Ransom is living with them also.

These are the only two photos I have of Samuel Burel Hardee. Both photos show Sam and his brothers taken on the same day. One with hats and one without. Don't know who the boy is in the back left. If anyone has other photos of Samuel I would love to see them. Date unknown. Courtesy of my cousin Shirley and Mike Hardee.

[In the second photo I think my Great Grandfather Samuel resembles Sam Elliot.]

On June 29, 1929 Samuel Hardee died at his home. His obituary is listed in the Decatur News.

 S.B. Hardee died at his home in Newark, Saturday, June 29, 1929. Funeral services were held  in Newark Sunday afternoon at the First Baptist Church with Rev. Brammer officiating. Internment in Dido cemetery. Mr. Hardee was a brother-in-law of John Ransome (sic) of near Decatur.

The information on Sam's death certificate was provided by an unnamed Hardee son. Much of the information is wrong. It lists him as 60 years old, he was 69. It lists his father as J.W. Hardee which is incorrect as his father was William T. Hardee. It lists his mother as Georgia Ransom which was actually his wife. I would say the son got confused when answering the questions. No cause of death is provided and just says "No Medical Attendant."
Headstone at Dido Cemetery

I only know the basics about Samuel Hardee from what I have been able to find in written sources. I really haven't heard any stories about Sam. The stories are what make the person come alive. If anyone know any stories about how life was growing up for Sam or his brothers I would love to hear them.

Children of Samuel and Georgia Hardee

1. William Russell Hardee born April 3, 1888 in Wise Co., Texas
2. Samuel Burel Hardee Jr. born Jan. 22, 1890 in Decatur, Wise Co., Texas
3. Ada Frances Hardee born March 5, 1892 in Decatur, Wise Co., Texas
4. Ida Lou Hardee born March 30, 1894 in Decatur, Wise Co., Texas
5. Buster Edward Thomas Hardee born Oct. 19, 1896 in Wise Co., Texas
6. Lillie Vester Hardee born Aug. 11, 1899 in Wise Co., Texas
7. Joseph Abraham Hardee born Jan. 6, 1902 in Decatur, Wise Co., Texas [My Grandfather]
8. Mary Caroline Hardee born Aug 12, 1906 in Decatur, Wise Co., Texas
9. Edna Mae Hardee born April 30, 1910 in Wise Co., Texas

All the children stayed in Texas except the last two daughters, Mary and Edna who moved with their families to California. We are just now connecting again with our California Hardee relatives.

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Ora Parsons Stegman - My Great Grandmother #4

Ora Parsons Stegman - My Great Grandmother
52 Ancestors

Ora Parsons was born December 16, 1896 in Benedict, Wilson Co., Kansas. Her parents were William and Mary Scates Parsons. Ora had four siblings, Ruth Parsons born 1893, Cress Parsons born 1894, Opal Parsons born 1897 and Osie Parsons born 1898.

In the 1900 Census Ora is four years old and her Mother Mary is listed as the head of household and widowed. So the kids grew up without their father.
Ora Parsons in Benedict Kansas - Date unknown
In the 1910 Census Ora is 14 years old and listed as working as a servant in a private family. Her Mother works as a laundress for a private family and her brother Cress is a laborer of odd jobs. It does not sound like they had an easy life and were all doing what they could to survive. I would love to know what family Ora worked for and if she lived at home or lived with the family.

Sometime between 1910 and 1916 Ora moved to Kinsley,  Edwards County, Kansas and was working at a hotel that was run by Mary Denning. I was not able to find Ora in the 1915 Kansas State Census, she is not listed with her family who were still living in Benedict, Kansas. I do not know how she ended up 370 miles away from her family to work in a hotel. At that age you would have to have courage to travel that far away by yourself. But, for whatever reason she ended up at that hotel it turned out to be a good thing because Mary Denning was the older sister of her future husband Adam Stegman. He was out there for work and I would guess stayed at the hotel since it was run by his sister. I would love to hear the story of them meeting for the first time.

They married on March 29, 1916 in Fredonia, Wilson Co., Kansas.

They lived in Ellis County Kansas where Adam was from and their first daughter Irene was born in 1917. I had thought Ora converted to Catholicism when they got married but after I looked at the records at St. Mary's in Ellis County I discovered that when Irene was baptized, Ora is listed as "non-catholic." Ora was later baptized July 11, 1921 at St. Mary's.

In 1922 Adam went on strike with the railroad and ten months later he was hired by Missouri Pacific Railroad, which required them to move to the small town of Downs, Kansas. Adam went first and Ora and Irene traveled by train later. Irene remembered the train trip and her first view of Downs was the Gazebo. She thought it was beautiful.

A two story house on Ray Street was the first house they lived in. Then they moved to a little house north of town. Adam always said Ora would move them every time the moon rose.

 In 1925 they rented a house on Osborne Street and this is where their last daughter was born. As of 2018 my Great Aunt is still alive.

In 1926 Ora threw a surprise Birthday party for Adam and this is what is listed in The Downs News and Times:
          Mrs. A. Stegman entertained at a birthday party in honor of Mr. Stegman on Monday evening,   Nov. 1. The guest congregated at the home and all were out of sight when Mrs. Stegman summoned her husband from town on the pretext that relatives had arrived for a visit. The evening was spent with cards and dancing. A delicious lunch was served to the following guest at a late hour: Mr. and Mrs. Vern Rollins, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Hoover, Mr. and Mrs. Dick Ewing, Mr. and Mrs. M. McNall, Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Bryant and Mr. and Mrs. Irwin Addams.

According to the 1930 Census, they owned a house on Beal Street that is worth $800 and they own a radio. The 1930's brought the dust bowl years which brought black blizzards. These were severe dust storms that covered everything and could get into the smallest cracks of homes. They would blow in large dark clouds and reduce visibility to a few feet.  Irene said she remembered the "Dirty Thirties" well. When a black blizzard would come through the school would close and they would stay home and play music and dance. Ora liked a clean house so I'm sure she had lots to clean after a dust storm would blow through. I can't even imagine having to clean all that fine dust out of everything.

One day Adam came home and put one paycheck on the table and said you can buy anything you want. He give Ora one paycheck every month. Ora always wanted something new, carpet, curtains or something for the house or girls. She kept the girls clothed and the house clean and updated. She was always hitting Adam up for extra money according to Irene.

Ora was 5’1, green eyes and light brown hair. She was a short heavyset woman. She always did handiwork, crochet, sewed, embroidered. She was a good housekeeper. She would tell Irene, “don’t care what your husband does, what your doing, get cleaned up before your husband comes home.”

The depression was in full swing during the 1930's and the family knew they were lucky that Adam had a good job.

Irene graduated from Downs High School in 1936. She wanted to be a beautician; Ora took her by train to Kansas City but would not let her stay because the city was dirty. On the way back they stopped in Lansing to visit a friend named Minnie and Irene stayed to work for her.

They made it through the 1930's and in 1940 they owned a house at 821 Osborne Street in Downs and it was worth $1,000.

Around 1938 the family moved to Concordia Kansas for Adam to work with the railroad. They didn't stay long because in 1940 they are listed as living in Downs again.

There are two banks in Downs. Ora and Adam had separate bank accounts. When the State Bank accidentally took money out of her account that should have been taken out of Adam’s account she took all her money out of the bank and opened an account at The National Bank. Guess she wanted to make sure that didn’t happen again.

Their oldest daughter, Irene married in 1940. In 1942 I found this newspaper article that Irene had pasted in her photo album.

Mrs. Adam Stegman went to Concordia last Thursday evening to spend the weekend with her daughter Mrs. Lee Hefley and Mr. Hefley. The following morning however, found a new member in the Hefley family for Mrs. Stegman to visit with - a grandson, the little man arriving at the home in company with Daddy Stork during the early morning hours.
Ora Stegman with Grandson Ed in 1943
Ed remembers as a child "Momo" as he called her, would come and pick him up when the town sirens would go off for a fire. He would run outside and wait for her to pick him up and they would go to the fire. Sounds like a fun and adventurous Grandma to me.

In November of 1953 Adam's job again required them to move. Adam and Ora closed up the house and moved to Kansas City, Missouri. While there Ora worked for Jones Wholesale Company to be able to collect social security.  In 1958 he retired and they moved back to Downs Kansas.

I believe once they retired they were able to do more camping and traveling. They both loved being outdoors.

In 1966 they celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary and in 1976 they celebrated their 60th Anniversary. I always felt they were a couple truly in love and they both loved life.
Adam and Ora Stegman

Ora's Obituary
Died August 27, 1984

Ora Stegman was born to William and Mary Parsons on December 16, 1896, at Benedict, Ks. Ora departed this life at the Downs Nursing Center on August 27, 1984. She was married to Adam Stegman March 29, 1916. To this union of 67 years was born 2 daughters, Irene Hefley and Jewell XXXX. She enjoyed the good home life she made for herself and family. Her most enjoyable moments were quilt making, needle work and enjoying God's great outdoors camping and fishing. Ora is survived by her husband, Adam, Downs Nursing Center; daughters and sons-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Lee Hefley (Irene), Downs, Ks., and Mr. and Mrs. Frank XXXX (Jewell), Kansas City Mo.;2 sisters, 5 grandchildren, 6 great grandchildren, and 2 great great grandchildren. The Funeral services were held August 29 at the St. Mary's Catholic Church. Father James Hoover and Father Roger Mietl celebrated the Mass. Organist for the service was Mrs. Doris Mick. The following served as Pallbearers, Irvin Burmeister, Al Stroh, Tony Heinen, Alan Feist, Dean Bihlmaier and Amos Chapman. Interment was made at the Downs Cemetery. A memorial has been established for the Downs Nursing Center or St. Mary's Church. Domoney Funeral Home was in Charge of arrangements.