Saturday, May 16, 2020

Ziba Hardee and daughter Elephare Susan Hardee

Ziba and Peggy Hardee’s possible daughter

Elephare/Elafare Susan Hardee

Today I will tell you about Elephare/Elafare Susan Hardee. Her first name is spelled many ways so I am unsure of the correct spelling. I have found her in records with the spellings: Ellafare, Susan, and Ella. Some trees show her name spelled Elephare. I will use the name Ella for simplicity.

In the 1830 and 1840 census Ziba Hardee had three unknown females listed as tick marks. I believe Ella is one of the unknown daughters of Ziba and Peggy. However, Ella married John Fore on Jan. 2, 1836 in Monroe County, Alabama and John Fore is listed on the 1840 Monroe County census with two sons and a wife as tick marks which matched Ella, her husband John and their two sons. So Ella would not have been listed with Ziba and Peggy in the 1840 census.

But, we do match Ella through DNA to 12 of her descendants. (We also match Joel Hardee through 12 of his descendants.) I am still looking for documents to prove the connection but the DNA matches make it pretty convincing.

Ella Was born Oct. 24, 1822 in Monroe County, Alabama. She married John Fore on Jan. 2, 1836 in Monroe County, Alabama. They had six children: Thomas M., James Eliphas, John Franklin, Sarah Jane, George Washington, and Perry Davis, all born in Alabama.

John Fore died in 1860 in Alabama and Ella died in 1885, they seemed to live their lives in or near Monroe County, Alabama.

Below are John and Ella in the 1850 census for Monroe County, Alabama. The last name is misspelled as Four. Remember, 1850 is the first census when all the names in the household are listed.

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