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Ziba Hardee in 1860 Census

Ziba Hardee in the 1860 Census
or Not

Sometimes, no matter how much you search you can't find something. That is what happened for the 1860 Census. I have searched all the indexed sites for Ziba Hardee and all the spelling variants, I have searched just by first names, I have searched for neighbors from the 1850 census and I have searched page by page in locations I thought he might be. But, alas, Ziba and family elude me.

I know in 1854 he bought more land in Coosa County, Alabama and in 1862 he paid taxes on land in Van Zandt County, Texas and died in 1862 in Van Zandt Co., Texas. So I would estimate Ziba and the family came to Texas between 1854 and 1861.

In 1860 his son James and his wife who lived near him in 1850 still lived in Coosa Co., Alabama. But, in 1870 James and wife are living in Van Zandt Co., Texas. At some point James returned to Alabama as that is where he died.

Ziba's daughter Sarah and her husband Green Wood who lived next door in 1850 cannot be found in any 1860 census. But, the family is buried in Van Zandt Co., Texas.

I found a newspaper article about David Wood, son of Green and Sarah Hardee Wood. It states about David Wood: "Born in Chambers County, Alabama, in 1854 to Mr. and Mrs. Green Anderson Wood (she was a Hardee) Dave with his family and the other small children traveled to Van Zandt County, Texas just before the outbreak of the Civil War in 1861 by way of a covered wagon oxen train. Both Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Wood are buried in the Red Hill Cemetery in Van Zandt County. "

There is a chance that Green and Sarah Wood traveled with her father's family to Texas. This is just a guess. Ziba and the family may have come to Texas first, but usually families traveled together.
So, I continue my search.

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