Saturday, April 11, 2020

Hardee Travels

Hardee Travels

If you could only see me now! I am doing the happy dance!

After writing my other post about not finding Ziba in the 1860 census and not knowing when Ziba and family moved to Texas, it got me thinking and I did some searching.

I had previously searched the unindexed tax records for Van Zandt Co., Texas and I did not find Ziba in the 1860 tax records but I did find him in the 1861 tax records. So I searched those records again to see if Green Wood, Ziba's son-in-law was also in those records since the newspaper article stated they traveled from Alabama to Texas in 1861.

Green Wood was in the 1861 Van Zandt Co., Texas tax record.But not 1860 tax record.

Which leads me to believe, that Ziba and Tabitha Hardee and their children along with the family of their daughter Sarah Green and her husband moved together to Texas by oxen train.

Since Ziba Hardee and Green Wood are not in the 1860 tax list but both are in the 1861 tax list, I think this is a sound hypothesis!
Ziba Hardee in 1861 Van Zandt County, Texas tax records.

Green A. Wood in 1861 Van Zandt County, Texas tax records.

Now I know to search again in Coosa County, Alabama for Ziba Hardee. Will have to go page by page again, but maybe I will find them.

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