Friday, April 8, 2011

A Texas Ranger in the Family?

According to Henderson B. Alverson's Obituary it stated: "Mr. Alverson saw service as a Texas Ranger in the frontier days, and also served in the Confederate army from the beginning to the close of hostilities between the states."

I had found his record for the civil war and knew he only served from May 1861 to September 1861. Only a few months, not quite till "the close of hostilities between the states."

So I wondered if the Texas Ranger story was true. I searched online but found no information. I then wrote to the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame Research Center in Waco, Texas. I paid my fee and waited. I few weeks later I got my proof.

Information printed in a book called: Texas Ranger Service Records 1847 - 1900, "A" "B" "C", Volume I
By Frances T. Ingmire showed that:
H. B. Alverson joined as a private on May 15, 1860 in Belknap (Texas) under Captain T.J. Johnson as a Mounted Ranger. He was discharged October 10, 1860 after serving 4 months, 26 days at $25 for a total of $121.66. He owed $30 for a pistol and was paid $91.66 for his service.

 So I now have the honor of saying that I had a Texas Ranger in my family, even if only for a few months.


  1. That is really awesome!! I always hoped we had a link to the Texas Rangers. Thanks for all you time to research.