Friday, April 8, 2011

A Texas Ranger in the Family?

According to Henderson B. Alverson's Obituary it stated: "Mr. Alverson saw service as a Texas Ranger in the frontier days, and also served in the Confederate army from the beginning to the close of hostilities between the states."

I had found his record for the civil war and knew he only served from May 1861 to September 1861. Only a few months, not quite till "the close of hostilities between the states."

So I wondered if the Texas Ranger story was true. I searched online but found no information. I then wrote to the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame Research Center in Waco, Texas. I paid my fee and waited. I few weeks later I got my proof.

Information printed in a book called: Texas Ranger Service Records 1847 - 1900, "A" "B" "C", Volume I
By Frances T. Ingmire showed that:
H. B. Alverson joined as a private on May 15, 1860 in Belknap (Texas) under Captain T.J. Johnson as a Mounted Ranger. He was discharged October 10, 1860 after serving 4 months, 26 days at $25 for a total of $121.66. He owed $30 for a pistol and was paid $91.66 for his service.

 So I now have the honor of saying that I had a Texas Ranger in my family, even if only for a few months.


  1. That is really awesome!! I always hoped we had a link to the Texas Rangers. Thanks for all you time to research.

  2. I believe he was also in the Indian Wars and war of 1812

  3. H.B. did serve in the Creek Indian War under the name of Henderson Cook, but not the war of 1812. HB was born in 1816. His father Elijah Alverson did serve in the War of 1812.