Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Civil War Ancestors - Alverson

In recognition of April 12, 2011 which marks the 150th anniversary of the start of the Civil War at Fort Sumter in South Carolina I will be posting about my Civil War Ancestors.

Henderson B. Alverson
My first ancestor to join was Henderson B. Alverson also know as H. B. Alverson.

In 1861 at the age of 44, H. B.Alverson decided to join the civil war. I don’t know why he decided to travel from Texas to Mississippi to join, but he enlisted in Corinth, Mississippi on May 28, 1861. He joined Capt. O. R. Singleton's Company, Company C, 18th Regiment Mississippi Volunteers as a private for a period of 12 months. The unit was ordered to Virginia, and fought at First Manassas under D.R. Jones, then was engaged at Leesburg. On September  21, 1861 H.B. was discharged.

His Certificate of  Disability for Discharge states:

“…H. B. Alverson, Private of Captain O. R .Singleton’s Company (C) of the 18th Regiment of
Confederate States Misp Vols, was enlisted by Capt. Walker at Corinth, Misp on the 28th day of
May, 1861, so serve one year; he was born in Surry Co., in the State of N. Carolina, is forty-five
years of age, 5 feet, 7-1/2 inches high, ruddy complexion, blue eyes, sandy hair, and by
occupation when enlisted a farmer. During the last two months said soldier has been unfit for
duty 10 or 12 days. He ought to be discharged on account of his family. He has a wife and eleven
children (nearly all small) upon the frontiers of Texas, poor, sick, and defenseless since the war
broke out in the west. Common humanity requires his presence at home.”

This document was signed near Leesburg, Virginia on September 21, 1861. He was allowed travel expenses for 1000 miles from Manassas, Virginia to Corinth, Mississippi. He was paid $29.70 for two months and 21 days service and 50 rations at .22 ½ for $11.25 for a total of $40.95. It would be interesting to learn H.B.’s method of transportation back to Corinth, Virginia. Did he travel the 1000 miles on foot, by horse or by railroad? We may never know, but whatever the method I'm sure it was a long and arduous trip. When he did finally make it back to Corinth, he still needed to travel 700 miles back to Texas. During this time there were no railroads to Texas so he would have to travel by foot or by horse or wagon. Let’s hope he had a horse.

Interesting to note he served four month before being discharged. I would love to see his pension record but don't have $75 to order it. So if anyone has H. B. Alverson's pension record I would love to see it.
He Served Three Times
This was H. B. Alverson's third time as a soldier. He served in the 1836 Creek War for about three months and he served almost five months as a Texas Ranger in 1860.


  1. Interesting wording in that discharge statement.He must really have been in tough shape.

    Thanks for taking part in the Challenge.

  2. Thanks Bill, I would love to know what happened to him to make him "unfit for duty."