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Ziba Hardee and son Bryant S. Hardee

Ziba and Tabitha Hardee son,
Bryant S. Hardee

Bryant S. Hardee is the sixth child of Ziba and Tabitha Hardee. Bryant was born about September 1842 in Coosa County, Alabama. 
I believe Bryant traveled with his family to Texas around 1861. In the 1861 tax records for Van Zandt Count, Texas Bryant is listed next to his father Ziba owning 40 acres worth $120. He paid .15 tax. In 1862 Bryant owns 120 acres.
Bryant Hardee enlisted in the civil war on September 16, 1861 at Quitman Texas. He served in Company H of the 10th Regiment of Confederate States Calvary. (This is the same unit Samuel Hardee served in, which makes a good argument that this Samuel Hardee is his brother.)
Bryant received a Certificate of Disability on April 30, 1863 that reads:
...he was born in Coosa County in the State of Alabama is Twenty Two years of age, five feet eight inches high, dark complexion, dark eyes, dark hair and by occupation when enlisted a Farmer. During the last two months said soldier has been unfit for duty 60 day.
Station: Shelbyville, Tenn
Date: April 30, 1863
I certify that I have carefully examined the said B. S. Hardee of Captain T. W. Summers Company, and find him incapable of performing the duties of a soldier because of gunshot wound received through the thigh at the battle of Richmond, KY. Aug. 30, 1862, fracturing the femur completely. I further declare my belief that said soldier will not be able to resume his duties in a less period than twelve months.
A.B. Hint Surgeon
Place where the soldier desires to be address may be here added. Town Edom County Van Zandt State Texas.
He was discharged July 30, 1863 by order of Gen. Bragg.
Sometime after the civil war Bryant to Monroe County, Alabama where his two older half brothers lived. 
In 1866 he joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and attended the Lone Star, Alabama Branch.
On June 2, 1964 he married Mary Jane Patrick who was 12 years older then him. 
In the 1870 census Bryant lived next door to his half brother John Hardee. (Who some say also joined the LDS church.) Bryant and Jane had a five year old daughter and they also had another female named Mary who was 13 years old and listed as black and a laborer.
In 1880 Bryant and wife Jane have two girls, Mary P. and Elvira M. Hardee. Brother John still lives close.
M. Jane Hardee died in 1894 and Bryant married Virginia Mason on March 22, 1894.
In the 1900 census Bryant and wife Virginia have two daughters listed as Emma T. and Sugar.
In the 1910 census Bryant and wife Virginia have three daughters, Emma F., Willie Mae (Sugar) and Maggie I.
In the 1920 census only Willie Mae and Maggie are living in the household with their parents. 
Bryant Hardee died October 1, 1922 in Monroe County, Alabama. He was 80 years old.

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