Saturday, July 18, 2020

Ziba Hardee and Sabitha C. Hardee

Ziba and Tabitha Hardee daughter,

Sabitha Caroline/Carolina Hardee

Ziba and Tabitha's eighth child was Sabitha Caroline/Carolina Hardee. She was born August 3, 1845 in Talladega Springs, Coosa County, Alabama.

She was about 16 when she traveled with her family by ox cart train to Van Zandt County, Texas. 
On February 15, 1866 she married Littleton Davidson in Van Zandt County, Texas.

They had seven children but three died young. I do not know the names of two of the deceased children: Lou Emma Davidson born November 28, 1866 and died November 13, 1946. Verner Littleton Davidson born December 15, 1871 and died May 3, 1930. William Asbury Davidson born April 27, 1879 died March 13, 1957. Lenora Eugene Davidson born November 18, 1880 and died September 15, 1959. Ophelia I. Davidson born July 4, 1885 and died November 2, 1886.
All their children were born and died in Van Zandt County, Texas. 

Littleton Davidson was a farmer and he built and ran one of the first cotton gins in the area. He moved a few miles and built a second cotton gin, grist mill and a general store. Littleton was appointed postmaster of Primrose, Texas in 1902 and ran the post office from his general store until 1910.

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