Thursday, April 5, 2012

Searching the 1940 Census

9 a.m. Monday morning and I was sitting at my computer in anticipation of the 1940 census being released digitally for the first time. Excitement turned to frustration after trying for hours to access the 1940 census to no avail. Six hours later had Kansas on line so I started with that state. I had already researched my ED's and knew the ED was the same for 1940 as it was in 1930.
I found my grandfather, Lee Hefley, single, age 21 and working 40 hours as a truck driver at Jacking Company. He was living with his parents John and Grace Hefley, and his older brother and sister. His grandfather, my great-great grandfather Arthur Hefley was also living in the household at age 82.
I knew Arthur originally owned the farm and his son John raised his family on the farm. What I didn't know was that the 1940 census showed John was renting it for $711. So Arthur continued to own it and just rented it.
I also found my great grandparents Adam and Ora Stegman in the 1940 Kansas census. My grandmother, Irene Stegman (who married Lee Hefley in August of 1940) was living at home and working as a clerk at a retail drug store. She had told me stories of working at the drug store and making ice cream. Each day she would decide what flavor to make, sometimes she would add pepperment or strawberries or whatever was at hand. What I didn't know is that she stated she worked 70 hours per week and made $327.
While I was successful locating my paternal grandparents, I wasn't successful locating my maternal grandparents, Joseph and Dessie Hardee in Texas. I checked the house they rented per the 1939 city directory, but someone else was renting the house. I checked the house they rented in 1942 but again someone else was renting it. I will have to wait for the index to come out.

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