Saturday, July 7, 2012

Surname Tree

I was reading Geneabloggers today and Thomas had new blogs listed. One of them was Crafty Family Tree. I am always looking for ways to display my genealogy so family is interested.

I spent the day working on two projects Lexie had listed.

The first was a Surname Tree. Directions are here.

Here is my Surname Tree

The second project I worked on today was a Power Point Family Tree for a Digital Frame. My parents have a digital frame and I thought this would be perfect for them.

Once I got going I couldn't stop. I made PP Family Tree's for my Hardee's, Hefley's and Stegmans. I also made one of all 11 children of my mother's parents.

Here is one I made for Ziba Hardee:

I used Lexie's Slide Show Sample and moved the tree to the other side and added color. I am very happy with the results and can't wait for others to see the whole slide show.

Not how I intended to spend my day but very happy I found the Crafty Family Tree site and very happy with all my results.

I may have to start on the Signature bag soon.


  1. This is wonderful, Tina! I love how you adapted the PowerPoint slides- it turned out great!

  2. Thanks Lexie, I had fun doing it. I am going to send one to my Aunt and she is going to show it during the family reunion.