Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Beginning my Journey

I will be posting information on both mine and my husband's side of the family. Some of the major surnames I am researching are TELESCA, HEFLEY, HARDEE, GALTTANA, STEGMAN, AHLENDORF, WILLIAMS, and STUBY. Please email me at if you are researching any of the above names.

Summary of surnames:
The TELESCA family came from Avigliano, Italy in 1905. They settled in Dunmore, Pennsylvania.
The HEFLEY line goes back to Adam Hefley born in 1774. They migrated through North Carolina, Montgomery Co., Illinois and Kansas.
The HARDEE family is traced back to John Ziba Hardee of North Carolina. My line migrated through many states and ended up in Texas.
The GALTTANA line has been my brick wall. I have back to Curtis Alexander Galttana born 1827.
My STEGMAN line is my Volga-German line. From Germany to Russia to America. A fun line to follow.
AHLENDORF line is another brick wall, but I have recently found new information and will be posting about it soon.
Because WILLIAMS is such a common name I only have back to Pennsylvania.
The STUBY line starts in Germany and they settled in Pennsylvania.

I will be posting more information on each of these lines and other related families. Stay Tuned!

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