Thursday, March 3, 2011

August Ahlendorf

August Ahlendorf has been my brick wall for many years. But, I recently found him and his family in New York.
I found August and Martha Ahlendorf in the 1900 census under the name of Ellendorf. They lived at 60 Lake Avenue in Middletown, Orange Co., New York. August was born in November 1857 in Germany and both his parents were born in Germany. He immigrated in 1894 and had been living in the U.S. for six years. He was a naturalized citizen. He was a mason but had been out of work for four months. He could speak English and read and write. He had been married for 6 years and was 13 years older than his wife Martha. They had two children, Charles, age 3 and Martha, age 1, both born in New York. So they could have married overseas or in New York, I have not found a marriage record yet.

In the 1905 New York State Census I find an August Allendorf in Manhattan, New York County, New York. He is listed as a lodger in a hotel and works as a bricklayer. However, he lists his age as 38 and in the U.S. for 15 years. 
Could this be the same August Ahlendorf? Maybe. He was listed as out of work in the 1900 census and may have left the family to find work. But, if this is the same August he shaved off some years of his age and added years to the length he had been in the U.S., which is not unusual.

I then find him in the 1906 and 1907 Pennsylvania, Lackawanna Co., Scranton Directory listed with his son Charles living at 815 Cherry Street. (Only males were listed in the directory.)

After that he seemed to disappear. 

I found his wife and family in the 1910  census, Lackawanna Co., Scranton, Pennsylvania, Living at 613 Locust St. Scranton, Pennsylvania.

1.) Martha H. Ahlendorf, age 36, married 14 years, 5 children, 4 living, can read & write, washer women at home, Immigrated in 1895, born in Germany, both parents born in Germany
2.) Martha Ahlendorf,  age 11    born in New York (born 1898)
3.) Emma Ahlendorf,   age 8     born in Pennsylvania (born 1901)
4.) Elsie Ahlendorf,     age 5     born in Pennsylvania (born 1904)
5.) Allelheit Ahlendorf,  age 3     born in Pennsylvania (born 1906)

Charles had died in 1907. Charles death certificate shows his father's name as Albert Ahlendorf from Germany.  Records at Forest Hill Cemetery show the gravesite was purchased by August Ahlendorf.
Martha is still listed as married in the 1910 census, but in the 1920 and 1930 census she is listed as a widow.
His daughter Martha Fisk stated in her Application for Marriage License on 26 Dec 1917 that her father resided in Wilkes-Barre, Pa. and his occupation was a mason. In 1925 Elsie's marriage certificate shows her father as Dead. 

From talking to descendants about 11 years ago, I found that the oral history states August worked and died in Wilkes-Barre. 

I had no idea what happened to August Ahlendorf...until recently. I have now made some interesting discoveries that I will share with you next post. 

Part 2 August Ahlendorf

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