Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Getting Organized helped me find another generation back

My goal lately has been to get organized. I have tons of papers floating everywhere and digital files that need renamed and organized. I decided to use my bookmarks and make a Resource Toolbox as suggested by Thomas MacEntee from GeneaBloggers. If (when) my computer dies I will still have my favorite genealogy sites listed on my blog.

My bookmarks are not organized so I started there. I made folders for States, Surnames, and other titles. I then went through my bookmarks and put them in the right folders.

Then I created a page on my blog titled Research Toolbox. I then listed out the sites I like to access under headings. (Go ahead, you know you want to look at them.)

Focused? What's That?
Of course in the process of this I got distracted and started looking at  the site Genealogy Book Links. I had saved this long ago, but never really looked at it. It lists all the States that have digital books and I clicked on Kansas. At the bottom was a link for Wilson County Marriages, Kansas. I clicked on the link and searched for the name Parsons.

I knew my 2nd Great Grandmother Mary M. Scates had married William Parsons but I knew nothing else about him. They had five children between 1893 and 1898, but he did not show up on any census. 

I did find Mary listed in the 1900 census in Wilson Co., Kansas as a widow with her five children, but I wanted to find out more about William Parson.

Success with searching
Searching the book for Parsons came up with 8 hits. I was ecstatic to find William Parsons marriage record to Mary Scates. (I did the happy dance a little too loud as my husband walked into the room to see what was the matter.)

They married on 14 May 1891 in Benedict, Wilson Co., Kansas by H. White. In parenthesis there is more information added by the author. It states that his father was James Parsons and his mother was Mary J. Fincher and that William was born in Missouri. She also correctly states that Mary Scates father was Samuel Scates and her mother was Eliza Bearden and Mary was born in Tennessee.

Great Clues for me to work on
I then transcribe the information for William and Mary. I also transcribed all the other Parsons so if they end up related I will have the info, or if they are not related I can know who lived in town and who belongs to who. (Or is that whom belongs to whom?)

I also transcribed all the hits for Fincher and Scates. I spent most of the day searching and transcribing and entering info into my database. Lots to follow up on now.

I haven't finished my Research Toolbox yet but I did get another generation back and lots of good info. I know I have to organize, but the searching and finding is just the best part of genealogy.

Wouldn't you agree?

Here is my Parson Line:

1.) James Parsons m. Mary M. Fincher

2.) William Parsons b. abt 1859 in Missouri married Mary M. Scates b. Dec 1867 in Tennessee
m. 14 May 1891 in Benedict, Wilson Co., Kansas

A. Ruth Parsons b. Jan. 1893 Kansas
B. Cress Parsons b. 25 July 1894 Kansas m. Flossie F.
C. Ora Parsons b. 16 Dec. 1896 Kansas m. Adam Stegman  (My line)
D. Opal Parsons b. Oct. 1897 Kansas
E. Osie Parsons b. Dec. 1898 Kansas m. Marion Walker


  1. Excellent information.... Did the Parsons ever live in Fredonia , Kans.? I was just near there and thought Grandma had lived there.

  2. Looks like the Scates and Parsons both lived in Benedict in Wilson County. Is that near Fredonia?

    Some of the other Parsons lived in Fredonia but I have not made connections with they yet.

    I think you and Jane should make a trip up there and find out? LOL