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William Thomas and Juda Frances Lee Hardee daughter

Arbilla/Adilla Hardee

We know Adilla Hardee was born about 1879 as she is shown on the 1880 census as a one-year-old. Her father is listed as a widow; therefore, we know his wife Juda Frances Lee Hardee died between 1879 and 1880. I have searched for any records showing when she died, but have not found any. I often wonder if she died in childbirth which was common back then. Juda would have been about 41 when she gave birth.

I have no other records for Adilla and assume she died as a child.

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William Thomas and Juda Frances Lee Hardee son
John Perry Hardee

We first find John Perry Hardee at age three in the 1880 census of Johnson Co., Texas. That would make his birth year about 1877. He lives with his widowed father William and nine siblings. John’s mother Juda Frances Lee died the year before in 1879 so he never knew his mother. I can only guess that his older siblings helped raise him. Also living in the household are two older cousins. Joseph and Archie Favors are the children of Archibald and Jane Lee Favors. Jane Lee was a younger sister of Juda Lee Hardee, John Perry’s Mother.

There is no 1890 census so we next find John Perry in the 1900 census still living in Johnson County in the city of Cleburne. He lives with his cousin Joseph Favors. In the household is Joseph’s wife and two sons and his mother-in-law. John Perry is 24 years old, is single and works as a section hand. It is marked that he can read and write.

In 1904 there is an arrest record for J. P. Hardee. He pled guilty for theft of a horse. He was sentenced Feb. 22, 1904 and was discharged on Feb. 24, 1909. His records state he was 26 years old, 5’7 ½”, 136 lbs, dark completion, gray eyes and dark hair. He had two scars on the back of his neck, a scar in the pit of his back and two scars on the right side of his rump. He wore size 5 shoe, was married, used tobacco, had no education, was born 1879 in Texas. I am unsure of who he was married to but it may have been Lula Walker.

In 1910 he has moved to Delaware Township in Caddo County, Oklahoma and lives next door to his older sister Annie Mayfield and her husband and son. He is listed as age 30, widowed, born in Missouri and parents born in Ohio. He is a general farmer and can read and write and rents his farm. When I look at the census, the family below him has the head of household from Missouri and parents from Ohio, so I think this is an error on the census takers part. John Perry was born in Texas and parents were born in Alabama.

At some time after 1910 he returns to Texas and married Gertrude Bodine on June 1, 1914 in Ellis Co., Texas. They are listed in the 1915 city directory for Cleburne, Texas in Johnson Co. They live at 818 N. Wilhite and he is a laborer.

On June 1, 1916 they have their first son, John Thomas Hardee in Cleburne. Their second son dies hours after birth on Dec. 2, 1917 in Cleburne.

In 1918 John Perry registers for the World War I registration draft. He stated he is 39 years old and was born March 19, 1879. The 1880 census shows he was 3 which would make his birth year 1877. He works for the rail road in Cleburne and Gertrude Hardee is his nearest relative. He says he has blue eyes and black hair. I do not believe he ever served in the military.

John Perry and Gertrude have two more sons: Floyd Hardee born Feb. 12, 1920 and Zibe Brooks Hardee born March 28, 1921.

On July 25, 1923 this notice appeared in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram on page 17:

                Child Accidentally Killed

CLEBURNE July 25—A bullet from a large caliber pistol which he knocked from a buggy caused the death at Keene yesterday of Floyd Hardee three-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. John P. Hardee.

In December of 1924 John Perry pleas guilty of “Transporting intoxicating liquor. Possessing intoxication liquor for purpose of sale.” He is discharged August 9, 1925. His arrest record states, he is 45 years old, 5’ 6 7/8” has hazel eyes and brown hair, size 5 shoe size, married, uses tobacco, illiterate and cannot read or write, no schooling, born in 1879 in Texas and parents born in Alabama. Employed at rail road.

Their only daughter Norma Hardee was born December 23, 1927 in Texas.

The family is then found on the 1930 census living in Rush Springs, Grady Co., Oklahoma. John Perry is listed as 50 years old, born in Oklahoma and parents born in Kentucky. We know this is incorrect, I wonder if he did not trust the government and gave incorrect information or they weren’t home that day and a neighbor gave the information. We will never know.

He rents his house and works as a farm laborer. Also in the household are his wife Gertrude and children J.T (John Thomas) age 13, Brooks age 8 and Norma age 2.

 For a third time John Perry is arrested in October of 1931. His residence is listed as Cleburne, Johnson Co., Texas. He pleads guilty to “possessing intoxicating liquor and maintaining a public nuisance” for a term of one year. He is discharged on June 30, 1932.

 I am unable to find John Perry in the 1940 census or his living three children. However, I did find a Gertrude Hardee listed in the 1940 census living in Norman, Cleveland County, Oklahoma in the Central Oklahoma State Hospital. She is listed as 44 years old, born in Texas and married. I do not know why she was institutionalized here.

 In 1942 John Perry applied for Social Security and listed his birth as March 19, 1879 in Johnson Co., Texas and his parents as William T. Hardee and Frances Lee.

 I will let the newspaper tell you the next story. I was first told about this from a cousin. The 66-year-old man is John Perry Hardee.

 Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Fort Worth, Texas, 25 Dec 1944, Mon • Page 3

 William Roy Hardee Is Shot to Death in Fight

William Roy Hardee 24 of 3501 Alice, was shot and killed early Sunday during a fight with a 66-year old man. The assailant suffered a fractured skull in the altercation and was taken to City-County Hospital. Detective Lieutenant Cobb who investigated described the older man as a three times convict. The 66-year-old man who told Cobb that Hardee came to the Alice Street address about 4 am Sunday and started making coffee. He said Hardee walked to his bedside a blackjack in hand and that he was slugged several times. He then obtained a revolver from beneath his pillow and shot Hardee through the chest. Justice Hurley returned an inquest verdict of murder and said Hardee apparently died instantly. The older man was booked at city jail where officers noticed the seriousness of his head injuries and took him to the hospital.

 Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Fort Worth, Texas 26 Dec 1944, Tue • Page 5

 Fatal Row to Grand Jury

Detective Lt Cobb said Monday afternoon that circumstances surrounding the altercation Sunday at 3501 Alice in which William Roy Hardee 24 was killed and a 66-year-old ex-convict suffered a fractured skull will be presented directly to the county grand jury. Funeral services for Hardee will be held Tuesday at Bridgeport Assembly' of God Church with burial in West Bridgeport Cemetery. His parents, six brothers and four sisters survive.

 From what I was told by a cousin, John Perry did not know who was attacking him when he shot him. I searched for more articles to find out what happened but could not find any more newspaper articles. I don’t know what the verdict was. The articles never mention John Perry’s name but I have copy of the death certificate for William Roy Hardee and the cause of death is listed as “Gun shot wounds inflicted by J.P. Hardee.” William Roy Hardee was John Perry Hardee’s Great Nephew.

 John Perry Hardee died on December 27, 1945 of Influenza. His death certificate stated he lived at 202 Waters in Cleburne, Texas for the past 6 months. His birth date was listed as March 19, 1879 in Texas and he was a farmer. The informant was his son, John T. Hardee and he gave the name of John Perry’s parents as Bill Hardee from Kentucky and Frances Lee from Kentucky, which is incorrect. It also listed him as widowed, but he is buried at Rosehill Cemetery in Cleburne Texas next to his wife Gertrude Hardee and her death date is listed on the tombstone as December 2, 1980.


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It's a new year and I know we are all ready to leave 2020 behind.  For me, it's time to decide what I want to accomplish this year in my genealogy. I have many things on my list, but I need to pick the most important ones and then make a plan to get them done.

Last year I completed my Research Like a Pro eCourse and finished my research project for Ziba Hardee. I did not answer my objective of finding his parents, but I made a timeline, a chronology report, a few locality guides, made a research plan, conducted research and wrote a research report that included further researching ideas. When I want to pick this up again everything will be there and I will know exactly where I left off.

I have spent a lot of time researching Ziba Hardee and many of his descendants. I have written many Hardee bios that I have posted on my blog and on Facebook. I still have a few children of William Thomas Hardee to write about.

But, looking at my tree I have realized I have not been researching all my other lines and some are really lacking. So, I need to develop a plan of how I want to accomplish that. 

I continue to further my education by watching webinars and reading books. I watched a great webinar by Diahan Southard about DNA. I had heard about this process before but she explained it again and this time I was ready to try it out. 

My new research project will be to find the parents of my maternal 2nd Great Grandfather Curtis Alexander Galttana. This is a very unusual name and it is pronounced Galtney. I went to my mothers DNA matches on Ancestry and found a few matches that I know our most recent common ancestor (MRCA) is Curtis and Synthia Alverson Galttana. I pulled up that known match and then used the shared matches tool to find all the matches that match my mother and the known match that has MRCA as Curtis and Synthia. This will pull up a list of people who also match through Curtis or Cynthia. I then added a colored dot to each of these matches. I continued this process for each known match.

But, some of these matches could be related through Synthia Alverson and I only wanted the matches that are related  through the Galttana side. So then I found known matches that have the MRCA of Synthia's parents, H.B. and Sarah Alverson. I did the same process and marked all these matches a different dot color to each of these matches. 

I could then tell if the match had two dots they matched through the Alverson line. If the match had one dot they matched through the Galttana line. I looked at each match with one dot and looked for ones with trees. I make a spreadsheet and listed them all and added the surnames, looking for ones that occurred in more that one tree. 

Some of the matches did not have much of a tree so I built some of them out. After doing this I found seven trees that had Herman and Maria Knoch. Maria's maiden name was listed as Goltoia and she was born in Ohio in 1823. Curtis may have been born in Ohio in 1827 so could this be a sister? I found Maria in the 1850 census and living in the household are her husband and four children with her married last name. Also living in the household are three people with the last name Gotney. Hummm, sure sounds like how Galttana is pronounced - Galtney.

I wrote an objective and created a timeline of everything I have for Curtis Galttana. My next step is to research Maria Goltoia/Gotney Knoch and find out everything I can about her and see how she may be related.

As I learn more about the Galttana family I will post blogs here. 
I hope this year finds you healthy and happy!

                                                                                   Photo by Ibrahim Boran

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William Thomas and Juda Frances Lee Hardee daughter

Ida F. Hardee

Ida Frances Hardee was born about 1874 in Texas. Ida is about 17 when she marries 34-year-old Sargent Owings/Owens on September 6, 1891 in Ellis County, Texas. I don’t believe they had any children.

I don’t have any sources but others list her death in 1897. She is not found in the 1900 census.

On August 1, 1897 Sargent marries Ida’s older sister Mary Elizabeth Hardee. Mary has four children from two previous marriages. I don’t believe Mary and Sargent had any children.

Saturday, December 12, 2020


William Thomas and Juda Frances Hardee son
Robert Lee Hardee

William and Juda moved from Alabama to Texas around 1870. Robert Lee Hardee was their first child who was born in Texas on November 19, 1873 in Van Zandt Co., Texas.

Juda died in 1879 and in 1880 the family is living in Johnson Co., Texas and William, his widowed father is a farmer.

At the age of 19 Robert married Josie Motley on July 19, 1893 in Erath Co., Texas.

I found court records dated January 23, 1894 that show the State of Texas VS R. L. Hardee, but I do not know what the case was about. It was dismissed due to “insufficiency of the evidence” and he was immediately discharged.

Their fist son, Clifford Thomas Hardee was born September 30, 1894 in Cleburne, Texas, followed by Creed Westley Hardee born April 17, 1899 in Johnson Co., Texas.

In 1900 Robert is working as a day laborer and reports on the census that he can read and write.

Daughter Irene Hardee is born September 5, 1903 but dies about 1904 and Mollie Frances Hardee is born September 25, 1905 in Johnson Co., Texas.

In 1910 the family lives at 401 Elmo and his older brother Zibe also lives with the family. They both work at the railroad. Robert works as a machinist at the railroad shop and Zibe is a helper in the roundhouse.

Their last child, a daughter, Robert Lynn Hardee, was born on September 2, 1911 in Johnson Co. Texas

When Robert registered for the WWI draft in 1918, he stated he lived at 1005 N. Border in Cleburne, Texas. He was 45 years old and worked as a truck repairer at G C & S F Railyard. He was medium height and build and had dark hair and blue eyes.

At age 60, Robert and Josie along with daughter Robbie are living in Tarrant Co. Texas in 1930. Robert is farming on a rented farm and they do not own a radio.

Robert dies on September 12, 1932 of pneumonia. He is buried in the Cleburne Memorial Cemetery.

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William Thomas and Juda Frances Lee Hardee son

Pinkney Edward Hardee

Pinkney Edward Hardee was born in Alabama on December 22, 1869 but traveled as an infant with his parents and eight siblings overland 600 miles from Coosa County, Alabama to Van Zandt County, Texas. There the family is enumerated on the census on September 16, 1870.

By 1880 his mother has passed away and the family is living in Johnson County, Texas. Pinkney is nine years old and also living in the household are his two cousins, Joseph and Archie Favors.

On November 13, 1893 he married Camelia Alice “Allie” Carter in Ellis County, Texas.

In 1900 Pinkney and Allie live in Alvarado, Texas with their three children and his older single sister Lucinda “Cindy” who probably helped raise him after their mother died. Pinkney works for the railroad as a section hand and can read and write.

Pinkney and Allie’s three children, all born in Alvarado, Texas are:

Maude Elaine Hardee born November 11, 1894, died June 29, 1986 in MO. Married Herrick L. Gaby.

Claude G. Hardee born December 21, 1896, died April 5, 1953 in Dallas, Texas. Married “Dutch” Ethel Jones.

Pearl Olene Hardee born May 6, 1899, died May 21, 1975 CA. Married Ralph Drummond.

Allie died July 26, 1902 and Pinkney married Martha Jane Ray Flatt sometime around 1903 as they are listed together on the 1910 census still in Johnson Co., Texas. They have three children and Pinkney’s three children from his first marriage are living with them along with a 20-year-old hired hand named Tom Carter. Pinkney is now listed as a farmer who rents his farm.

Pinkney and Martha’s three children are:

Marvin Ray Hardee born June 23, 1905, may have married Thelma Nash. Married Rose Kean. 

Jewel Edna Hardee born February 17, 1906, married a Barbour.

Pinkney Thomas Hardee born June 8, 1909, married (1) Doris Ireland (2) Nellie Lee Prather.

In 1920 Pinkney, Martha and their three children now live in Ellis County, Texas.  He is a farmer and owns his farm with a mortgage.

Martha dies July 23, 1929 and I am unable to locate Pinkney in the 1930 census. But, on October 26, 1933 Pink Hardee is sentenced to two years in prison for V.D.L. (Violation of drug law) He went to jail on May 24, 1934. In the notes it stated he received a “Cond Pardon 9-8-34.”

Pinkney Edward Hardee died April 24, 1935 in Cleburne, Johnson Co., Texas of stomach cancer. He was 65 years old. My guess is if he had stomach cancer, he was self-medicating for pain and that is the reason he violated the drug law.

He is buried in the Venus Cemetery in Venus, Johnson Co., Texas. Written on his stone is: “Faithful to his trust.” The person who posted the photo of the stone on FindAGrave states: “This stone is hidden in between some evergreen trees that have grown up around it.”

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William Thomas and Juda Frances Lee Hardee daughter
Malinda Caroline Hardee

Malinda Caroline Hardee shows up under many different names in the census, Malinda, Lorinda, Lena, Lynn, and Caroline. She was born August 25, 1868 in Coosa County, Alabama. Her death certificate says she was born in Birmingham, Alabama but I do not believe this was correct as all the census and tax records show they lived in Coosa County, Alabama. She was the eighth child of William and Juda Hardee.

Between 1869 and 1870 the family moved from Coosa County, Alabama to Van Zandt County, Texas. By 1880 the family had settled in Johnson County, Texas.

On April 28, 1888 Malinda married William P. Parker in Johnson Co., Texas. They had two girls, Artie Mae “Marnie” Parker born February 14, 1889 in Cleburne, Texas and Julia Clause Parker born November 25, 1890 in Cleburne, Texas.

I do not know what happened to William Parker, but Malinda married James Thomas Adams on November 4, 1894. James work for the railroad and in 1900 the family of four are living in Cleburne, Texas.

They live out their lives in Cleburne, Texas and James dies April 10, 1927 of the flu. In 1930 she owns her home worth $1500 and her nine-year-old niece lives with her as does her older single brother, Zibe Hardee.

In 1940 she is living with her granddaughter’s family Mabel and John Wyatt. Malinda died December 15, 1953 of breast cancer at the age of 85. She is buried at Cleburne Memorial Cemetery, Texas.